The Process 

We provide unbiased analysis and advice to help define, quantify, and prioritize your financial goals. Our Investment Research Committee takes a team-based approach to investment decisions. Capitalizing on our extensive global research, we begin with a comprehensive global economic and market review that shapes our strategic allocation process. This research is the backbone of your investments, and is applied to individually tailored recommendations based on your specific financial situation. 

Simply put, we do the research, we apply a disciplined yet flexible approach to our decision making, and we keep your investments up-to-date, giving you the peace of mind that your financial well-being is responsibly cared for. 

The Philosophy

At Rand & Associates, we believe that the market generally gets it “right” in that most securities and asset classes are priced correctly most of the time.  However, history has shown us repeatedly that there are times when certain segments of the market can be overpriced or under-priced depending on the mood of the crowd.   We look to take advantage of those times by under-weighting expensive sectors and over-weighting inexpensive or “value” sectors using our disciplined and time-tested process.


The Tactical Opportunity Portfolio:

The Tactical Opportunity Portfolio was created by Andrew Rand in 2003 and designed to provide above-average diversification with low costs. These portfolios consist of a variety of weightings and use strictly Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), enabling clients to avoid single-stock risk by owning an entire sector as opposed to a group of individual common stocks and bonds. We believe that by actively trimming sectors that are overvalued and accumulating sectors that are undervalued, we help our clients achieve a smoother and steeper slope of performance results over longer periods of time.  

  • Mean Reversion – Rand & Associates believes that "reversion to the mean" is a critical factor determining price behavior of investments over time.
  • One standard deviation channel (blue lines) define normal price volatility range.
  • Price trends extending beyond one standard deviation are considered “unsustainable” and signal tactical opportunities; i.e. incremental reductions from sectors when prices advance beyond one standard deviation channel or incremental additions to sectors when prices decline beyond the one standard deviation channel.

The Dividend Growth Portfolio:

Our Dividend Growth model seeks to invest long-term in stocks that have a focus and drive to sustain future dividend growth. This enables us to take advantage of the stock market's movements while securing a steady, dividend-based income for clients with a goal of income and capital preservation. We primarily search for stocks with low risk and high potential upside, a historically consistent dividend and an intense focus on shareholder value. By definition, the companies that pass our screening process tend to have above-average income and lower volatility, with tendencies to hold up better in "down" markets during periods of increased uncertainty. With a small portion of the portfolio also allocated to Fixed Income ETFs, investors in this portfolio will be able to participate in capital appreciation potential as well as enjoying a rising income stream. 

The Dimensional Funds Portfolio:

Dimensional Funds Portfolios are constructed using mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (Dimensional), a leading global investment firm.  From its beginning, Dimensional has forged deep working relationships with leading financial academics including Eugene Fama, a Nobel Prize winning economist at the University of Chicago. Their funds invest in thousands of companies globally, providing well-diversified investment solutions at a low cost.

Dimensional's way of investing is different than the traditional dual methods of "active" investing - trying to beat the market using individual stocks; and secondly - the "passive" approach of using pure Indexes.  Dimensional’s approach is informed by financial science – often called "evidence-based" investing – which combines decades of academic research with the view that market prices reflect all available information. Rather than chasing returns through stock picking and market timing, Dimensional looks to find securities that are expected to offer higher expected returns.  Within equities, they tend to emphasize small over large companies, value over growth stocks and profitable over non-profitable companies. In fixed income, Dimensional looks to put together broadly diversified portfolios of bonds based on their term length and credit quality, carefully balancing their expected return per unit of risk.

The Customized Portfolio:

Each customized portfolio is unique, but they all benefit from our global research and disciplined investment process. Before we make changes to a client's existing portfolio, we analyze each holding and design a customized plan to manage risk and minimize taxes. Customized portfolios are ideal for clients who have legacy or concentrated stock positions, clients who prefer knowing each company they own and why they own it and clients who desire that specific social screens be applied in selecting securities for their portfolios.