We at Rand & Associates are proud of our large number of long-lasting client relationships. We value our clients deeply and understand that we must earn their trust over time by providing wise investment counsel and outstanding client service. 

Our relationship begins with a review of your current financial situation, your goals and aspirations, and where you are in life.  We work together to determine what your wealth management needs are now and what they are likely to become over time.  Do you need a comprehensive and cohesive financial plan for you and your family or would you just prefer to utilize one of our investment management strategies?  You will work with your team of well-educated and experienced wealth advisors to craft the right plan for you and your family.  You will work directly with these wealth management professionals, who know you and have created your plan, to implement, monitor and update your plan over time. 

No detail is too small, no question too trivial – your team is there to answer all of your investment and wealth management questions, now and on an ongoing basis.