We believe that each family needs a cohesive and comprehensive financial plan that is dynamic and evolving as the family's life progresses.  The following are just some elements of a Rand & Associates financial plan:

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning occurs over time and involves gathering information as we engage in conversation with our clients.  This is followed by evaluation of that data in various scenarios. We look at your foreseeable expenses and reliable income sources and using a remaining life-expectancy estimate, we model your likelihood of financial success in various market scenarios. This information is then used to optimize your asset allocation and is reevaluated on a regular basis in order to stay on track. 

Estate Planning

Through ongoing conversations, we can help you to understand more clearly the various documents employed and considerations to bear in mind when planning your estate.  In addition to planning for gifts, bequests, and creation of trusts, we address planning for health care decision making and management of your financial affairs in the event you become incapacitated.  We are happy to review your estate planning documents to ensure that they are consistent with the objectives you express to us.  If it appears that advanced transfer tax planning techniques might be useful to you, we can assist you in evaluating your options and then work together with your legal and tax advisers to help implement those techniques.     

Risk Management

We provide a comprehensive review of your existing coverage, be it life, health or property & casualty insurance. We identify the areas where improvement may be beneficial and help you to navigate the often complex landscape of the insurance arena.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we do not sell insurance and therefore can provide objective and independent guidance. 

Charitable Giving

We help to identify opportunities for charitable giving that are advantageous for the donor and charity alike. Through various strategies such as donor advised funds, we endeavor to maximize the effectiveness of your donations. 

Education Funding

Planning for college involves a surprising number of choices and can be a very personal decision. We help you navigate the various tax advantages and ownership structures of these account types and give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is on the right path.